Let's Go YouTube

Web design & development

By: MediaCom Beyond Advertising

How to use YouTube channels to engage and inform people? 

Working closely with YouTube, the boundaries of what is possible on the platform were pushed for this project in order to bring standalone website functionality, inside the channel itself.

The aim was the position Shell at the heart of the conversation around energy by devilvering lots of different content types. Traditional videos, interactive web tools and infographics were all housed in the custom designed channel.

 This channel was available to mobile users as well who were served tailored mobile only content. A purpose built CMS was installed to allow the easy editing and publishing of content and the channel was used heavily as a destination for lots of online marketing campaigns. 

As YouTube evolved, as the did channel, with new features being added and deprecated features gracefully removed. The Shell Let's Go channel was used by Google as a showcase example of what is possible with channel development.